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Our Mission

At U-Image, we know how crucial high-quality ultrasound images are for physicians to treat patients. There were 6 development pillars that U-image identified as essential in the development of a viable POCUS product for Africa.

  1. The device must be durable and withstand physical abuse

  2. It must be affordable

  3. Have a long battery life to provide many scans between charges.

  4. The device must not depend on the internet to enable its use

  5. It must produce a high-quality image.

  6. Must be accompanied by a peer network and have cloud-based storage


Our mission is to bring POCUS to every medical facility and healthcare professional that needs it. By addressing these points above we belive we can do so.


Our Story


Becomes one of the most widely used POCUS devices in Africa 

U-image partnered with one of the largest distributers of medical supplies and devices on the continent and became a continental player in the POCUS market and is the only African developed device of its kind.


The device passes clinical trials and certification tests

After years of development and testing the U-Image POCUS device passed clinical trails and quality assurance tests for both its device and software platform. The device began to be introduced to the market.


Device conceptualised

Dr Chad Marthinussen and his team conceptualised a device that was purpose built for the African population. A POCUS device that was able to provide world class imaging quality, while being robust enough to survive limited connectivity, harsh elements and high volumes. The succeeded and production trials began. 

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